Development of Construction


Building Up and Down

The length of time people had to travel was an issue of early man, and it continues to be one for many modern men. A fast commute to work in a private vehicle is important to many. Urban areas are often plagued by traffic jams, and even using mass transit can become an issue when it is overloaded. Modern construction methods allow for building up and down, and that can help solve the issue of a lengthy commute.

Building up has long been the answer to creating additional space in urban areas. Rather than having one house per lot, apartment buildings can offer dozens or hundreds of houses on the same space. Residents may not have their own lawn or back yard, but they do have an inside living area that suits their needs. This is a building trend that has been going on for centuries since homes were built over shops in small towns. While the buildings are much taller today, the same principle is applied.

It would seem ridiculous for anyone to live in a basement, yet that has happened over the years. Many homes more than a century old have basements, and they have often been converted into apartments. This is generally to give the owner an opportunity to collect rent, but the principle can be used in other ways. There are some buildings where temporary housing without windows is built underground to create additional residential space within an urban area. It is not a particularly favoured way to live, but it is suitable for temporary residency.

The need for living space continues to expand, but few people want a long commute to work or even local entertainment. They often seek solutions that are far away from the rural or suburban dream of a house with a picket fence and a yard. While they may not offer the same amenities, they do keep the commute shorter for urban dwellers.